Lifetech Minibar About Us



Life Tech hospitals, dormitories, pensions, rest homes, restaurants, social facilities, etc., by our experienced 10 years experience. We serve with the products and equipments of the rooms, floors and communal areas.

Our aim is to provide the most accurate solution for your customers in the direction of their demands and to respond to your needs with our low cost fast selling policy. For this purpose, our company grows rapidly and increases its product range and constantly renews itself.

All of our products are made by our company and have CE certificate which determines European Union norms. It is our basic sales policy to ensure that we comply with international quality and safety standards, provide the best service and spare parts possibilities, closely follow technological innovations and continuously renew themselves, and foster the environmentally conscious producers.

Choosing our products means to be able to meet all your expectations with high quality products, competitive price quality relationship.
Our company, which is in demand of growth with our valued customers, invites you to live this excitement together.